cscmp what we do

  • Provide a networking forum for supply chain professionals based in ­Switzerland and neighboring countries;
  • Enhance professional skills to make members more successful;
  • Foster an environment that encourages professional growth through local education, events and networking opportunities;
  • Present quality programs that provide knowledge that is meaningful, ­insightful and of high value to all participants;
  • Present volunteers with meaningful responsibilities that enable them to grow professionally and personally;
  • Provide continuing professional development and local study groups for those who are seeking professional accreditation programs;
  • Create awareness of the significance of supply chain management to business and to the economy.

Enhancing Supply Chain Education

The CSCMP Roundtable Switzerland wants to inspire students, supply chain professionals, and logistics solutions providers to enhance their knowledge of supply chain management. We want to encourage members to drill down into key issues, challenges and opportunities, and to explore how cutting edge industry technology such as robotics, the IOT and VR can drive supply chains towards full, Industry 4.0 driven automation. If you want to know more about our education ambitions click here or get straight into contact with Matheen Sait (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).